5 Steps to Freedom

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Are you paralyzed and confused?

Get inspired and create systems to double your profit!

Motivate [moh-tuh-veyt] – to provide with a cause or reason to act – temporary.   Inspire [in-spahyur] – to infuse spirit for life – permanent.  During trying times or other sudden set-backs, many business owners and their teams emotionally shut down.  A hard realization of any sort that pops up out of the blue can be devastating. 

It’s easy to stand frozen in disbelief, shock and overwhelm.  And the recovery time makes it even worse.  The recovery time is devastating because, many times, neither you nor your team have a framework that will propel you to the other side of the “bad times.”  And in the “good times” you have more than likely not planned for the “bad times.”  Either way, you can find yourself stuck.  

How do you get un-stuck?  It’s easy to motivate yourself or your team in tough times, but motivation fades quickly.  On the other hand, finding the inspiration for you and/or your team is painful unless you have a proven system to recover and re-inspire.  Do you have the mindset to pivot, persevere and double your profit in 6 months?

Embrace the 5 Steps to Freedom

Acknowledging the 5 Steps to Freedom provides a calculated solution to your challenges.   My program is not filled with social image consciousness, techniques or quick fixes.  There is no magic pill to turn around your business or your team.  

A magic pill may ease the pain and solve a problem temporarily.  But this leaves the chronic problems untouched to fester and resurface time and time again.  The power of the 5 Steps to Freedom will provide you with clarity and life-changing strategies to help you see differently, think differently, feel differently and behave differently…for life.  

Understanding all the components of the 5 Steps to Freedom is the antidote for your chronic problems and hard realizations that spring up out of the blue.  You and I will work together to create a mindset of clarity and confidence that will inspire you to take effective, massive action with proven strategies that will propel you to the next level.  

You’re different.  You’re committed.  You’re driven.  

Together we’ll charge to the next level and confidently make your most compelling future a reality…freedom and financial reward.   Clarity, Systems, Profit, Freedom.

Introducing Your180Move Advantage

Can you remember a time when you made a very successful move, but don’t really know how you did it?  Can you remember a time when you made a really ineffective move, but can’t remember how it happened?  That’s why Your180Move is so exciting!


I’ve created a step by step, layered program for next-level thinkers that goes like this:

We’ll get acquainted and move to take a deep dive into the discovery of your foundational purpose.  Your deepest “”why.””  This lays the ground work for the clarity necessary to start the wheel of momentum.  My clients and students share with me that this is a truly eye-opening experience!  (It was for me, too.)

Next, we’ll start developing the mindset that can be used effectively in your personal life as well as in business.  It’s YourMomentumLoop!  We focus on this concept early on so that you’ll have a good idea of what we’re shooting for.  This is intense, but such fun!  YourMomentumLoop shares with you what happens when you can effectively and efficiently take action, measure the results, determine how it affects your certainty or belief system and whether this action has potential to take you, your team or your business to the next level.  (We’ll come back to this time and time again.)

Your180Move begins with taking a deep dive into the discovery of your foundational purpose…your deepest “”why.””  This lays the ground work for the clarity necessary to start the wheel of momentum.  But how do we, together, create momentum without a structured, measurable process?  We don’t.  Together, we’ll take a close look at what brought you and/or your team to where you are today (good or bad) and begin the journey of recovery, making the good stuff great and determining what needs to be thrown out with the bath water.

The next step is to start your journey through Your180Loop.  I’ll help you unpack the ineffective decisions you may made (put a halt to the self-hatred or guilt) and uncover the effective components of your decisions (you’ve done things right, for heaven’s sake!).

Then we’ll establish your idea of your most compelling future.  So that you can prepare a bit, if you were sitting where you are right now one year from today, what would you want the last twelve months to look like?

We’ll then determine what’s necessary to make it happen (skills, habits, resources), take massive action, hit the gas with confidence and momentum so that you can effectively develop the next level you!

Easy enough?  Not without a coach that truly cares.  A coach that will strategically walk you down the pathway to next level thinking, help you establish quality habits and work with you to uncover necessary resources.

Together, our goal is to bring you out on the other side stronger, smarter and  more confident than ever.

As an individual client, you and I will embark on a six week journey with two video calls the first week and once per week for the remaining five weeks to answer any questions, make sure you’re staying on track and giving you all the support to help you move forward.  During this time, we’ll review the previous week’s assignment and review what is to come.  You’ll be able to talk about any part of the program as freely as you wish and ask as many questions as you like.

If you prefer a team setting, it begins with a two day workshop that includes several breakout sessions so that your team can become aligned with your mission.  Once you and I determine the nature of our relationship and agree to work together, the team workshop is a very effective way to lay the groundwork for a company-wide philosophy.  I have found this to be a great way to bring the team together so that they can work toward the goals you set in a measurable, cooperative fashion.

Leadership:  Providing the purpose, inspiration and direction to accomplish a mission that would otherwise fail.

Imagine having that feeling of purpose and passion!

Wouldn’t it feel awesome if with every decision you made, you could stand firmly on two feet and know that you are taking massive action on this decision with confidence?  Once you understand the process of how to effectively take measurable, massive action there will be no turning back.  You’ll have a clearer understanding of how your actions solidify or crumble your certainty and beliefs and determine whether the actions you took do or do not have potential.  Then improve it or pitch it!  Rinse and repeat!

This is the ultimate benefit of Your180Loop.  This is a character and business philosophy that will become ingrained in your soul.  Regardless of the situation, you’ll be able to come back to the loop over and over again so that you can either avoid or confidently maneuver through inciteful events or sudden hard realizations in your career or business.

Face it, you’re smart, educated and have a solid grasp on your business or career.  However, your brilliance, education and knowledge of your business means nothing without taking confident, measurable, massive action.  Engaging Your180Loop may be your first massive action.

Remember, this is not a magic pill or a quick fix for a challenge you are facing now or in the future.  Your180Loop will stay with you forever.”


Looking back one year from today and it was the best year of your life, what would it look like?

unshakable confidence

Discover how to make the tough decisions you’ve been avoiding.


Learn how to measure your actions and add fuel to the most effective ones.

Need help reigniting with confidence?

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to work with a highly skilled coach to help uncover your potential and launch you forward, now is the time.

You may already be a high performer. You may have the skill, the drive,

and the power to achieve whatever you set your mind to.  Yet, you

haven’t quite lived up to your own expectations.  Why?  Because

you’ve never taken the time to become completely clear in your mind, heart and soul of the most compelling future you could imagine.

It’s time to change that, to expand your vision and transform your

motivation (or complacency) into an actual plan that will use your new-found clarity to develop the mindset and strategy necessary to become smarter, stronger and more confident than ever.  Stop paying the price and start reaping the rewards. 

I can help you, one on one, with a live Reignite with Confidence Strategy Session.  For a limited time, I’m waiving the $280 fee to make it easier for you to get a jump start.

Since I personally hold these calls, spaces are limited.  If you’d like to apply for a free session while spots are still open, fill out the application below.


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