About J.C. Spearry

The Raw, Real Deal

Are you crystal clear on the most compelling future of your business?

The starting blocks of strategy is painting a picture of the reality of where you stand today; then painting a crystal clear picture of your most compelling future.  Gaining clarity can be very confusing without a framework designed to help you drill down to your true purpose and inspiration.  And throughout the process of discovering your purpose and remembering what inspired you, you will be laying the groundwork for exponential growth and prosperity.  The people I serve are tired of the status-quo and ready for something more.  Everyone else says they should be satisfied with what they have, but you and I are different.  We don’t listen to everyone else.

We yearn for more.

Hi, I’m J.C. Spearry, a professional coach and trainer that helps business leaders and/or their team get the clarity they need so that they can break through the roadblocks and come out on the other side smarter, stronger and more confident at, what my clients say, lightening speed.

My first major roadblock moment happened in 1999 shortly after I earned the position of General Manager of a prominent Toyota franchise in a very competitive market.  Each department operated as separate silos filled with nutritious grain.  I recognized after months of agony, that the foundation of our future success would lie in one silo filled with the entire organization’s nutritious grain.  My most compelling goal was to be the number one franchise in our region, but was it theirs?  They all felt like worker-bees with no substantial outcome in mind for their hard, yet misguided, work.  

Once I poured all the nutritious grain into one silo and shared my goals of excellence with the team, the creativity exploded from all departments.  In just four months we did indeed rise to number one; and the franchise maintained their dominance even after I left my post. That’s when I saw the real power of a well thought out and tested frame work.  Over the next couple years, I continued to fine-tune the system so that it could be duplicated in other sales related industries.  I coined my framework Your180Move and it was accepted by University of Toyota, regional Nationwide Insurance agencies, Howard Hanna offices, franchises of the Big 3 Automakers and many other recognizable small to medium size businesses.

Since 2007, I have trained hundreds of sales teams, managers, executives and small military teams and advanced my position from training to coaching.  Training is helping someone learn a new skillset or behavior.  Coaching is recognizing the individual’s or team’s strengths and hitting the gas to make their strengths unstoppable.  There is simply no comparison in my life to helping business leaders and sales teams secure a clear vision of their most compelling future and providing the framework to get there.  More simply, to inspire them to do what inspires them.

The next chapter of your business can be the best yet!

Imagine this…

You wake up six months from now having plodded through your business on autopilot, focused on the same tasks and strategies and your life and business are still the same.  You look in the mirror and say, “I thought for sure my life, business and career would be much further along by now.”

Now imagine six months from now waking up vibrating with excitement towards the day to come.  You’re on fire, fully alive and you look forward to what ever adventure your day has to bring because you have adopted a framework of success and have made Your180Move.  Your dreams are coming into focus, your goals are becoming a reality and you haven’t felt happier and more fulfilled in a very long time.

Most people live in the first scenario, but a small group of people are fortunate to live in the second.  The difference comes down to know-how and support.

If you knew what it took to change your business, life or career (not just with  catchy sayings and self-affirmations, but the actual tools and skills it takes to change) and you had the support of an expert, there is nothing you couldn’t do.

That’s the power of coaching.  And that’s why I’m here; to give you the tools and support you need to make a change – any change – and run a business you’ll love again.

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